Please use the form below to contact me. If inquiring about a book review, please read the policy below.

review policy

First of all, welcome to my little corner of the internet, I love having you here. I am honoured you’d like me to review your book but I have a few ground rules before that can happen.

Accepted genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-fi
  • Mystery/thriller
  • Horror
  • Contemporary fiction – especially ones with LGBTQIA+ rep, or written by authors of colour or minorities

Genres I do not accept:

  • Romance
  • Historical fiction
  • Non-fiction

I read from all age groups and am open to reviewing Middle Grade, YA and Adult novels.

If your book is of one of the accepted genres, please email me a detailed description of the book, the format you’d like me to review, the release date and a time frame in which you expect the review to come out. I will get back to all requests, as long as they inquire about suitable books. I will not tolerate spam, or requests for books that do not fit my preferred genres – those emails will be deleted straight away.

I read for pleasure and my physical TBR seems never-ending, so of course I won’t be able to accept every single book. I am more likely to accept a review copy if the book itself is up my alley, from an author I’ve read from before and one that was already on my radar. Although I read all the formats, I am most likely to accept physical copies and audiobooks, over e-copies. Where a physical copy is included, I will also feature it on my bookstagram account upon receiving it, and tag the author and/or the publishing house in said post or story, and if I have a positive review that will also be featured on my bookstagram account. Which brings me to

If I accept your book for review:

  • I will only post an honest and unbiased review of it upon completing the book. If I did not enjoy the book, I will try to be objective but I will share my opinions in a respectful manner.
  • I will try to read the book and post a review in a timely matter, usually on or the week of the book’s release; or in case of an older publication in the time specified upon agreeing to review the book. That being said, if for some reason I do not enjoy the book, I reserve the right to not finish it and hence not review it. This can happen if the book is falsely pitched or features problematic topics and ideologies.

Thank you for familiarising yourself with my review policy. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.