Hi! I thought, since the first quarter of the year is nearly up, it would be interesting to look into my reading and reflect on some goals I’ve set for myself at the start of the year. I haven’t made a goals post, because having started blogging in March, I didn’t much see the point, but now I kind of regret it.

Anyway, first, let’s discuss my Goodreads goal. I set it at 100 books – it’s the most ambitious one since I started using the platform, but I think it’s very much achievable. I don’t think I’ve read 100 books a year since I was a child (if even then), but I am definitely able to knock that out. Currently, with one more day in the month and a whole evening I plan on reading, I have read 39 books. Not too shabby, right?

At the start of the year I decided I wanted to read more nonfiction. As someone who’s read barely any, I didn’t want to overdo it, so initially I wrote in my bullet journal I wanted to read 4. Later on I decided one every other month would probably be a better goal. As of today I have read 4. That’s over 60% of my goal already completed! I’m very pleased with that and I’m looking forward to reading more nonfiction in the coming months.

Another goal I’ve set myself at the start of the year is to read more classics. I would like to get to some classic sci-fi especially, but I’m not entirely sure where to start. Similarly to my nonfiction goal, I’d like to read 6 this year. So far I’ve only read one. It’s something I need to work on, especially setting my TBR for next month.

I’ve set 2 goals that go kind of hand in hand, and they are to reread more books and read more middle grade. I always find middle grade to be a fantastic palate cleanser, especially between heavy, long books, and they’re mostly just fun and easy to read stories. I would love to reread some of my favourite children’s classics – with the Anne of Green Gables series being a priority. I think I’ll reserve those for the summer months, though. I have not yet reread a book this year, but I’ve picked up 2 middle grade novels.

I’ve been trying to get more into horror this year, as it’s a genre I think I could love. You probably noticed I’ve put a lot of horror on my new release radar. I’ve already read a handful of horror novels this year and sadly didn’t love any of them, but I’ll definitely keep trying.

And lastly, it’s not necessarily a goal I need to set for myself anymore, but I always try to pick up a good portion of books written by authors of colour, LGBTQAI+ authors and books with representation of any kind. This year it hasn’t been going great, to be perfectly honest with you. Here’s a little breakdown of the stuff I’ve already read.

Only 3 of the 39 novels I read were written by an LGBTQAI+ authors. None were by a nonbinary or trans authors.

Only 5 were written by a POC or Indigenous authors – 2 Latinx, 2 Indigenous and 1 Black.

And maybe to wrap it all up nicely, let’s also look at my star ratings.

5 star – 4 – 10.2%

4 star – 11 – 28.2%

3 star – 11 – 28.2%

2 star – 11 – 28.2%

1 star – 1 – 2.5%

Unrated – 1 – 2.5%

That *roughly* adds up to 100…

How’s your reading been so far this year? Are you staying on track? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!

Talk soon!

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