Series I Won’t Be Finishing


I decided to start keeping track of all the series I’ve started and haven’t finished for different reasons. Some, I just haven’t gotten around to, others I forgot about or lost interest in. Of course, there were a couple I just flat out refused to continue. I decided to make a post about these. So, here we go: all the series I’ve started and definitely won’t be finishing, in no particular order.

It’s been forever since I picked up Snow Like Ashes and all I remember from it is liking the idea but absolutely hating the execution and the main character. That’s saying something, as I was much less critical in 2016, when I first read that book. I didn’t really care to find out what happens in the rest of the series back then, and I’ve definitely lost interest by now.

This one is also an old series, and I know a lot of people really enjoyed it. I remember it being marketed as YA Game of Thrones. I’ve never got through the first book, so it’s hard to compare those, but Falling Kingdoms really didn’t impress me. The characters were super one dimensional and the book was trying hard to be gritty and to stand out in the YA world. There are so many books out there I would rather read, I will give Falling Kingdoms a pass.

Me and Sarah J. Maas just don’t work. I’ve tried. I finished book 1 and attempted book 2, hearing praise from every single person who has read it. I don’t get the hype, I don’t get the appeal and maybe that’s me (or maybe it’s trash?). I don’t like romance (who’s surprised by now?) and her ones definitely rub me the wrong way. I don’t have much else to say. I also won’t be finishing Throne of Glass, but I won’t go talking about it will turn into a Sarah J. Maas post, and we don’t want that.

I read Truthwitch the same year it was published and for most part enjoyed it. It wasn’t what I expected, not quite anyway, but I didn’t dislike it. The problem is, there was nothing about it I particularly liked, either. After a couple of years and tried picking up Windwitch. I listened to it on audio and I feel like I kept zoning out because I was that bored. I don’t think I blame the series, though – I genuinely think it was me in this case and the books are alright, they’re just not for me. I have Sightwitch on audio, too, but I won’t be picking it up.

Last, but not least, Caraval. Once again, I read the first book when it was published. It was marketed as a YA The Night Circus. It definitely isn’t The Night Circus. I didn’t dislike the first book, but I found it too convoluted and complicated for the sake of it and never felt a desire to continue. I know those books are widely loved, at least with the bookstagram crowd, but I just don’t think they’re for me.

There are other series I won’t be completing, but I though I’d leave it here for now, and revisit the subject in the future. Am I wrong to give up on any of these?

I’ll be back tomorrow with a special review AND a wrap up.

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