January Wrap Up

Hi! I’m early this month with my wrap up, because I’m trying to be organised. We have another day left in the month, so I will take some liberties and assume I will finish the book I’m currently reading and it’s rating. It might not be absolutely accurate, but honestly, I have just over 100 pages left and am determined to finish it today, so it WILL happen. Mark my words (or don’t).

  • Number of books read: 7
  • Number of pages read: 2885
  • Average star rating: 3.9
  • DNFs: 1

To be perfectly honest with you, I’d call my reading month average, even if the number of books suggests otherwise. I had a very slow beginning to the month and then I haven’t read for nearly a week while I was on holidays.

You might’ve noticed I haven’t posted a TBR for this month and it’s because I’m trying not to set those for a while and instead pick up books I feel like reading and books I have for review. We’ll see how that goes.

Dispel Illusion by Mark Lawrence

I carried this book over from last month, and only had a couple of pages left to finish. This was a very satisfying ending to a sci-fi time travel series that released in 2019. It is heavy rooted in Dungeons and Dragons (the titles, plot and some solutions to problems), which I have no clue about BUT it didn’t impinge on my understanding or enjoyment of this series. I loved all of the books, the characters in them and the plot. Click on the cover to teleport to the Goodreads page and read the synopsis (as always, I just never mentioned it, I think). Dispel Illusion got 5 stars from me.

Circe by Madeline Miller

I have a full review on this one here, so to sum it up quickly – I honestly don’t understand the hype. The story was dry and dragged, Circe was kind of whiny and bland. How does everyone rave about this I’ll never understand. 2 stars, because the writing was okay.

Bunny by Mona Awad

Definitely one of the weirdest books I’ve ever read, but in a good way. I would recommend going into Bunny blind, as some info might be too much info. It is a satirical horror (I guess?) and it’s about this girl, Samantha, who’s in a MFA program, has only one friend and prefers to live inside of her own head, and a group of women who wear uniform like clothes, but in different styles, are never apart and call each other “Bunny”. If that sounds too vague, I’m sorry, but you really don’t want to know more. I loved the writing of this one, and the whole insane plot and all the plot twists throughout the book. Honestly, what a bizarre experience… 4.5 stars to Bunny.

The City Born Great by N.K. Jemisin

Is this one a cop-out to include in my wrap up, as it is only 22 pages long? Maybe. Have I read it, though? Yes! And I really enjoyed it, too. The City Born Great is a prequel short story to the upcoming The City We Became, which is one of my most anticipated books of the year. In this version of our world, the cities have souls. Some have one, some many, New York has 4. They are the city’s protectors. This short story follows one of them closely, as the city is first born. I have never read anything by N.K. Jemisin previously, but I really loved her writing in this one and that premise has be wanting lots more. So, even though it was hella short, it got me really excited for The City We Became and hence it got 4 stars.

Queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake

The Three Dark Crowns is a really solid YA fantasy series and if you haven’t read it yet, I would really recommend you do so (I’ve yet to read the last book, but shush). It’s about the island of Fennbirn which is a Matriarchy, and every Queen gives birth to triplets with different powers: there are poisoners, naturalists and elementals. After she has the triplets, the Queen leaves the island and the triplets are raised with foster families, separately, and nurture their gifts until they become of age. Then they have to fight to death for the throne. Sounds fantastic, am I right? Well, the Queens of Fennbirn is a bind up of two novellas, one about the triplet Queens when they were young, and one about an Oracle Queen. I really liked both of them, I think they added a lot of depth to the already rich world. I wish the Oracle Queen novella was a full length novel, though, as I wanted a bit more intrigue. I rated it 4 stars.

Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

What a ride! I still can’t collect my thoughts on it, I don’t think I retained I was supposed to from this book. Sanderson writes incredibly rich worlds, the magic systems are super intricate, the politics is top notch, and the characters have so much depth to them, it is sometimes hard to follow everything at once. Saying that, I really loved this book, maybe not as much as I loved Words of Radiance, and all the things I mentioned above are very prevalent and I really can’t review Sanderson’s books cohesively, because I lack the brain power to do so. I am left with so many questions, which I know will be answered in the next books. 4.5 stars.

The End of the Day by Claire North

This one is the book I’m still currently reading, but including on here anyway. Honestly, it’s not what I expected, and I don’t know where it’s going even though I’m halfway through it (ish). It feels quite disjointed so far and I’m not sure what it is trying to accomplish, so I will refrain from saying any more until I finish it. Depending on how it ends, I might post a review of it soon!

And that would be it for my wrap up! How did your reading month go? If you have posted your own wrap ups, let me know, and I will check them out! (I’m crap at keeping up with everyone’s posts).

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “January Wrap Up

  1. I’ve been meaning to read Three Dark Crowns forever! I’m glad it’s lived up to the hype for you. And also anything by Brandon Sanderson is on my TBR. My introduction to his work was the novella “The Emperor’s Soul”, about a criminal Forger whose life is forfeit if she can’t Forge a copy of the dying emperor’s soul. Like you, I was astonished at the level of world-building and plot he could pack into such a slim volume. Great list, and I hope you were able to finish that last book for this January!!!


    • I would really recommend it, it definitely grows with each book, so even if the first book isn’t amazing, the series on the whole is really good. I haven’t read that one yet, I’m only slowly getting through all his books. It sounds amazing, though, I will definitely give it a go soon. I did end up finishing that book, too! Thank you so much for your comment.

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