Favourite Book Tropes – A Discussion

Hey! It’s been a while.

I’m back today with a follow up to my second most recent post of my least favourite tropes in books. I thought it’s time to be a bit more positive, so here are some of my favourite tropes ever. Enjoy! (Again, these are in no particular order).

  • The Chosen One

I know this trope has been done to death, but I’m just not over it yet. It works great in Middle Grade and YA adventure stories. It’s not very realistic, I’ll admit that, but it’s so entertaining and makes for a great story. It adds drama, it adds uncertainty. There’s always a sense of urgency when one person needs to save the world from evil. Love that shit.

  • Anti-hero

As much as I love the Chosen One trope, with the perfect hero who’s gonna save the world, I also love me some anti-heroes. Gimme a morally grey character, someone who doesn’t do the right thing, who’s selfish or has ulterior motives and I’ll eat it up. The Villains series by V.E. Schwab does it really well – pick it up if you haven’t (there’s superpowers involved, you WANT to read it).

  • A makeshift family

I love, love this trope! It’s when a group of characters who are unlikely to get along have to do something together and grow to love and care about each other like they’re family. It’s a popular trope, but one I love seeing. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is the PERFECT example.

  • Heists

I don’t know what it is about heists that has me literally shaking from excitement but I just love them. It’s one of my buzzwords – I see it, I pick up the book. Not all of the heists I’ve read worked for me (The Thief for example), but I don’t ever get discouraged. If the book has a heist in it – I’ll read it.

  • Kingdoms

This one is pretty broad. I love fantasy – it’s my favourite genre (as if that’s a surprise for anyone) and I LOVE fantasy worlds with kingdoms and politics and all that good stuff. Those are very common, thankfully for me. I especially love reading about Queens of any sort (something that blew up in YA a few years back). I don’t necessarily like historical fiction, but in a medieval fantasy setting (or what seems like it, with castles, royalty, court politics, intrigue, conflict and brewing war) it is PERFECT. I want to read them all.

And that would be all for my favourite tropes in books. Are any of those on your list? Or do you hate them?

I’ll be back soon with a monthly wrap up.

Thanks for reading!

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