What I’m currently reading

I know it’s after 12, so it technically doesn’t matter, but can we please bend the rules and make this count, for Blogtober’s sake? Like I said yesterday, I have family over and it really messes up the whole schedule.

Today I wanted to talk about books I’m currently reading right now. I usually read more than one book at at time. Right now I’m reading:

IT by Stephen King

I’m reading IT on audio right now on my way in and back from work, and enjoying it immensely. It’s my first Stephen King book, and, although I’m not very far into it, I think it’s great.

Like, Follow, Kill by Carissa Ann Lynch

This one, I’m reading exclusively on ebook, because I’ve been granted an eARC. I haven’t gotten far into it, but so far it seems very interesting.

Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deidre Sullivan

It’s my current physical read. I always try to have an ebook, physical and audiobook going on, to keep on reading, yet still have variety in stories and the medium by which you’re reading.

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